Stepping into a New Place


I’m stepping into a new place.  A place where scared and courageous dance on my shoulders.

And two words like “called” and “compelled” linger in my shadow.

So, step I must.

For me, stepping into a new place means stepping out of an old, familiar one.

Stepping into my new unknown.  And moving out of my old intimidation.

I’m bringing my joy for words, love for people and a hope to help.

So, here I am!

Standing at the bridge called Ready.  Carrying pockets full of stories and life experiences.

Want to come along?




15 thoughts on “Stepping into a New Place

  1. I like your introduction of yourself. It is beautifully worded and full of hope and eagerness. I hope you continue on your journey and share your stories with all of us. I love your layout and comment section as well, very clean and well thought.

    1. I’m so glad you visited and stayed awhile. Thank you for the clear, honest feedback wrapped in encouragement. Deeply appreciated.

  2. Love it! Beautifully written words that come to life & connect with my heart. I can see & feel your words of hope & encouragement.

    1. Thank You! I deeply appreciate the encouraging, reassuring and supporting words.
      Readers are so inspiring. It’s why I show up!

  3. Hi Sharon, I just looked at your about page and would have left the comment there but couldn’t find where to post, so am back here again. Lovely to meet you if only in the virtual world. Am sure we would have a lot in common. Keep writing, keep contemplating but I hope the knee lets you keep moving as well. I play golf and know loads of people who have new hips and knees and the vast majority are doing great!

    1. My deepest gratitude for your encouragement and support. It’s been a joy getting to know you. You are a refreshing gift and my doorstep lights up each time you visit.

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