Sharing Common Thread Stories Between You and Me


Welcome!    I’m honored you’re here.    I reserved a chair just for you.

This is a place where I come and ponder three questions.

Why I write?  Why I read?  Why I keep coming back?

I come back for two people:  You and me.

Writing is like a conversation.   Two people sitting together sharing a few moments in these old chairs.

Maybe like you, I weave together parts of my story, experience and training hoping something connects with you.   Together, we create a common thread story. 

I know sharing common thread stories is new and unsure at first.

But, gradually, we learn each other’s voice.  And find a familiar cadence.

Like two rocking chairs moving back and forth sharing the same porch. Facing the same sun. Weathering similar storms.

Common Thread Stories

I bet you carry a “common thread story” in a back pocket.  A story woven with a similar experience and written on your heart.

This is a place where common thread stories connect with the depth and meanings of one word: Mend.

gently rehinged

For me, the meanings of mend echo through childhood memories.

Restoring an old afghan with my grandmother.

Healing my backside after being thrown from a horse.

Repairing a hurt I caused to a close friend after a disagreement.

Here’s a few common threads you may recognize in a part of your own story.

  • Repair a torn shirt or pants.
  • Rebuild a broken fence.
  • Restore a fractured friendship.
  • Renew a spiritual commitment.
  • Revive an old neighborhood.

If a story starts tugging at your back pocket, you belong here.

If a familiar experience taps on your shoulder, then stay awhile.

Pick up a few common threads lying around on these old benches and chairs.

When you find a common thread story, let me know.  

I love new connections!


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2 thoughts on “Sharing Common Thread Stories Between You and Me

  1. Found the “leave comment” sign. Must have missed it before. I will read your writings over and over because you give such meat and food for thought.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Writing and adding to “the conversation” is exciting. Looking beyond the obvious challenges my perspectives. I hope you experience the same.

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