Time Stands Still for You

heart & Key with card

My time stands still for you.

Precious moments honoring what’s true.

My heart’s key unlocks what’s hidden.

Secret admiration now openly given.

With pen in hand, I no longer wait.

It’s you.  I must celebrate.

Your wisdom touches our human condition.

Deep compassion reaches through our tradition.

Your strength is born from sharing life’s pain.

A faithful constant; willing to sustain.

Your love and life provides protection.

A grace-filled place; healing my reflection.


-for dann-


Posted in response to The Daily Post The Daily Prompt:Secret Admirers


Stepping into a New Place


I’m stepping into a new place.  A place where scared and courageous dance on my shoulders.

And two words like “called” and “compelled” linger in my shadow.

So, step I must.

For me, stepping into a new place means stepping out of an old, familiar one.

Stepping into my new unknown.  And moving out of my old intimidation.

I’m bringing my joy for words, love for people and a hope to help.

So, here I am!

Standing at the bridge called Ready.  Carrying pockets full of stories and life experiences.

Want to come along?