About Sharon


A valuable combination for discovery takes three things: The many meanings of mend, a quiet corner and two people-you and me.

On Mended Knee is a breathing, dynamic place.  Growing each time you find a unique connection or tie together a common thread.

For me, this is a new place.

A place described by two phrases:  Stepping with bravery.  Standing through brokenness.

Mending starts as an unseen process.  New places create new pressures.

My new pressure-an unexpected surgery with struggling results.

It changed the way I walk.  But how I walk deeply captured my attention.  And connecting the two silenced a dissonance I’ve carried for a long time.

Pushing against the pull

It’s exhausting balancing on the beam between change and choice.  Actions and attitudes.

It feels like pushing against the pull of an invisible foe.  Because forging a new direction challenges old wounds and scars.

Mending with all its depth affects every corner of my story.  It redefines my place.

It’s painful.  Change is hard.  I make mistakes.  So, rewriting is a grace my life needs. 

But it’s worth it.  Because I now have a new backdrop to my stories.

The powerful meanings behind one word:  Mend. 

Tying a common thread

As you visit, I’m confident you’ll find a connection tying our stories together.  It could be with a few threads or several sewn patches with the same color.

Why?  Because mending is an experience common to us all.

Whether you linger in a story or stop by to see what’s new,  I’m glad you’re here.

Take a moment and get to know me better.  Read My True Baker’s Dozen.

My True Baker’s Dozen

  1. I’ve spent over 20 years learning and helping others through various losses and life changes. I’m a lay counselor with seminary and secular training.
  2. Born and raised in the south. (Hint: the part that drag their “R’s” when they speak). There’s some Irish, English and Cherokee Indian mixed around a bit.
  3. My husband is a hospital chaplain. And served the Marines for several years. I’m a mother of two great adult daughters and blessed with awesome extended family.
  4. I spontaneously went skydiving and experienced a deep epiphany at 6,000 feet.
  5. A red-tailed hawk rides on my shoulder everyday in the form of a tattoo. (Something I thought I would never do.  Shocked my family and friends.)
  6. Hospice played a huge role in my life.  I’ve volunteered.  I’ve had a family member in hospice. And I’ve worked in hospice as bereavement coordinator and part-time chaplain.
  7. I’m the proud owner of a titanium, unbreakable new knee. (Which sparked the idea for this blog.)
  8. I own two awesome dogs: Maverick and Jessie.  (Their obedience training is teaching me to sit, stay and wait.)
  9. I collect lighthouses and love anything nautical.  I would run a lighthouse in a heartbeat. But for now,  just put me near the ocean.
  10. Any bed & breakfast is my home away from home when traveling.
  11. In the book, Strength Finders, my five “free results” are empathy, learner, belief, woo and input.
  12. I’m a thinker more than a doer.  I’m contemplative and a bit philosophical.  My creativity gets in my way at times.  Because I can think of several ways to do one task or write a post. (Yep! I get stuck deciding.)
  13. I’m a child of God embraced in His grace and mercy.